Purchasing Process

  • Car Hoods
  • Caravan Interiors
  • Agricultural Covers
  • Zipped Screens
  • Boat Interiors

Purchasing Process

All we need from you to get started is an idea of your vision. We do the rest! We order all materials and fabricate the designs in our workshop. Sometimes we have to take a deposit if we need to order additional supplies. Let’s get started…

Contact Us

contact us imgCalling us on  01692 583363 or 07786 007 609 will put you in direct contact with a personal design consultant who will walk you through every step of the process.

Each one of our knowledgeable staff has hands-on experience with every aspect of our products and services, from design through installation and finishing.

We are passionate about helping you realise the vision you have for your project and we’re available when you require assistance or have any questions about your commission.

We Will Help You:

we're happy to help img Choose from the most suitable fabrics, vinyls, and fastenings. Select the service you need according to your budget.

Guide you through any after care or maintenance your products may require in order to remain looking their best.

If you have any questions don’t keep it to yourself, tell us what it is and we’ll get the answer to you as quickly as possible.

Will it take long?

time span imgOur our Same Day Cover Repair Service, can be very quick and due to those special circumstances we do everything we can to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible.

Of course every project is different so typically expected time spans for the various products and services that we offer varies greatly. Swimming pool covers, shop window canopies, marine projects require instillation at our customers locations, we will co-ordinate with you a time that is the most suitable.

My Project isn’t listed in Your Products or Services

In our 30 years of custom designs we know that there are projects a bit too obscure for listing in general products or services, like the drapes we made for a funeral corsage, and the… well you get our drift. Please use this form to provide the details of your query.